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last updated: 5.20.2008

♥ "Just wanted to let you know that the dress arrived today absolutely perfect :) Thank you so much for everything . I will most definitely be lookingforward to more lovely items from your wonderful shop and have a great week ahead!"

"I received my anna corinna lady duffle bag and i love it! I am actually more happy seeing it in person than seeing pictures of it. Thanks for the speedy delivery!"

♥ "Hi! i just got my pants and they are wonderful, thank you so much again. i'll definitely recommend you guys to friends. thanks."

♥ "I just got the boots and LOVE them! thank you times a kajillion."

♥ "Hi, I have received the coat and vest. It is really lovely."

♥ "Hey! I received the bag today and I most definitely ADORE this bag! A perfect find and such fast delivery! Thanks, I really enjoyed shopping your closet!"

♥ "I got the sunglasses today and they are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!!!"

♥ "Thank you! I got the shirt it looks great. Nice doing business with you :)"

♥ "I just got the tops and the pumps today ALL ADORABLE and they fit perfectly! Thnx for the earrings too."

♥ "Your selection is first-rate. Duly impressed."

♥ "I try to check it everyday! I think i saw the link posted in livejournal somewhere and clicked on it thinking it was a blog with people's old, not so great looking clothes. but i love all the stuff you guys post!"

♥ "Argh! You gals always have such cute bargains that I can't resist! "

♥ "I'm addicted to buying clothes on the web, so I LOVE
your site."

♥ "I've LOVED the barrel purse! I'm using it today, as I have been since I received it! Great find. It holds everything, but isn't too bulky! Thanks. Also, I like your site re-design. Very nice."

♥ "Hi, i just wanted to let you know that i got the mj surf flats and i love them! thanks so much! is there a place on your website where you accept feedback or anything like that? because i'd gladly leave some kind words. thanks again!

♥ "I LOVE the items I've purchased. I always get comments from co-workers and friends and directed them to shopmycloset. Your prices are great and so are the items. Its hard to come across a site where things are reasonably priced and nice looking too!"

♥ "First - love your site! I drool on occasion and love that you so may events listed as well! I was so stoked to see something on there when i went to new york in sept! I would have never known about it if it wasn't for you - Thanks!
- Alison

♥ "I think i saw a post of yours in a friend's livejournal, so i wrote your address down. i think that was a while ago, though! you have amazing posts though! :] love love love the shoes."
- Haynes

♥ "My friend told me about your website about a couple of weeks ago... and I've been checking it randomly ever since. Thanks very much... keep up the good merch. :)"
- Yasmin

♥ "Just emailling to say how much I love the checked newboy cap. It looks great on me. I have a math presentation on patterning and I will be wearing the cap and thinking of you guys. It shows patterning and the kids will definately learn about texture and repeating patterns."
- Amy

♥ "You have a bunch of cute stuff for sale, so I check once in awhile to see what you have. Excellent deal on the top, thanks!"
- Melanie

♥ "I don't remember how I heard about shopmycloset but it's likely I surfed onto it from another blog. I check the site almost every day! Keep up the wonderful work :) Received the top on Saturday... it's so cute - thank you so much! "

♥ "I love the Cacharel pants. They are beautiful <3" site =")">"Just wanted to let you know I received the shirt today. So cute! : ) I plan to do more business in the future with you so keep selling cute stuff. "
- Nikki

♥ "I received the package today- great service!"
- Audrey

♥ " yay, I just got the shoes in the mail and I absolutely love them!! sooo comfy and soft. I love shopmycloset!"
- Jenny

♥ "Just wanted to let you know that I got the top in the mail. Thank you so much! It's nifty and I'm really pleased."

♥ "I just received the white w/polka dot tunic top in the mail today and I love it! Thanks so much for the great item. I love your great deals and you always have adorable shoes up for sale."
- Cynthia

♥"Got the silver pointy shoes, they fit perfectly and they are so unique! I love them!"
- Kristine

♥ "OMG I just got the rose slingbacks today and I LOVE THEM!"
- Audrey

♥ "Hi ladies! First I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the pink blazer that I bought from you guys. The process went very smoothly, I received my product quickly, and I really appreciated the little tag that you included in the pocket. Nice touch!! "
- Cassandra

♥ "Got those pins and button earrings today, they are so very cute-Love them a lot-can't wait until I show my clients these and my friend, too!"
- Sharon

♥ "Just got the flats today! Thank you so much, I absolutely ADORE them!! So cute and a perfect fit! shopmycloset, you never cease to amaze me."
- Uyen

♥ "I got my shirt today - I love it! it's more wonderful than the picture! thank you!"
- J.ho